Writing Workshop Student Edition Level C, Grade 8

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Series: English/Writing
Author: Beverly Ann Chin
Publisher: Sadlier
Publication date: 1/1/2009
Format: Paperbacks | 126 pages

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Publisher Description:

With manageable lessons to focus instruction on essential writing skills, students will:

  • Learn the building blocks of writing such as improving sentences and taking notes
  • Move gradually from words to sentences to paragraphs to longer compositions
  • Find focused models and examples for each lesson that make instruction appropriate for developing writers
  • Work on study skills and writing across the content areas
  • Participate in peer review activities that help them practice key listening and speaking skills

Category Description for Sadlier Writing Workshop Series (6-12):

Want your students skilled in solid, foundational, and academic writing? This systematic, easy-to-teach, series is for you. All levels learn from examples, practice the writing process steps, and apply them to various academic writing tasks. Levels end by teaching test-related writing skills (notetaking, essay test questions, etc.). Lower levels begin at the word/sentence level and progress to essays. Upper levels start with sentence skill review, then to essays and research papers. Each level stair steps on previously taught material, progressing in difficulty and expectations. The traditional composition style, peer review suggestions, and similarly structured levels make this series a good candidate for co-op or small group teaching. Levels A-E contain 36 lessons (1 per week); Level F has 48 lessons (complete course). The straight-forward Teacher Books provide program overview, pacing schedule, answers, and grading suggestions. For home use only; access free online helps for families: printable extra worksheets, writing rubrics (checklists, not typical rubrics), and Writer’s Handbooks. Non-reproducible Teacher and Student, 8”x 10”, 126 pgs., pb.

Category Description for COMPLETE ENGLISH PROGRAMS:

These materials offer complete coverage of both writing and grammar.

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