The best choice for image mounting: Acid-free, paper-based mounting film for mounting heavy, highly structured fine art and artist papers on rigid boards such as aluminium, Kapa®, Colourmount Fine Mountboards and other commonly-used board materials. Gudy 832 Fine Art textured is used by professional and semi-professional distributors of art reproductions, photographers and in the digital art sector. This paper-based mounting film is perfect for mounting on acid-free or handmade papers made of 100% cotton fibres. The narrow dimensions allow an easy and professional assembly of different passpartout cartons. In addition, gudy 832 offers a wide range of applications for bookbinders, restorers and printers. The best results are achieved with processing on roll laminators (Neschen PhotoLam, ColdLam, HotLam), but manual assembly is also possible.

Designed for

  • heavy weight structured Fine Art papers, Canvas and Art Papers, where with standard mount materials may not hold up the artwork, on different rigid boards
  • mounting and framing of photographs, Fine Art Prints, original artworks, art reproductions, archival Giclée Prints, photo album and art books
  • best choice for 100% Cotton Rag and Alpha-Cellulose based Fine Art papers for mounting on rigid quality boards and Museum exhibition mats
  • This product offers in addition a wide range of uses for book-binders, craftsman, restoration, printers, artists, framing, collaging and paper memorabilia long life works.
  • Meets perfectly the demand and expertise of professional photographers, artists for conservation and archival picture framing for museums, galleries, collections and exhibition standards.
  • for indoor- and outdoor use

Product Features

  • white, 44 µm strong, long fibre paper carrier
  • permanent extra strong adhesive on both sides
  • passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) ISO 18916
  • acid-free
  • dimensionally stable, ageing-resistant
  • Excellent machine process through roll laminators
  • one paper release liner
  • easy manual handling

Product Structure

  • Backing: double-sided siliconised glassine paper
  • Adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, permanent
  • Carrier: long-fibre white paper
  • Adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, permanent



30,5 m x 61 cm
30,5 m x 91,4 cm
30,5 m x 111,8 cm
30,5 m x 127 cm
50 m x 65 cm

77mm core
77mm core
77mm core
77mm core
77mm core