With the new gudy® 808 PP opaque, Neschen is adding a new product to its extensive gudy® portfolio – a solution that completely preserves the colour brilliance of prints on dark board materials and is suitable for reusing already printed boards. The opaque, white carrier film enables the high-quality cold lamination of digital or analogue prints, for example on dark board materials such as Kapa®color, aluminium or other composite boards. 

Designed for

  • opaque, white carrier film for high-quality cold lamination of digital prints or photos on particularly dark board materials
  • suitable for rough plastic surfaces
  • for indoor use
  • high opacity allows the reuse of already laminated or printed boards. The printed substrate becomes almost invisible by simply applying gudy 808 PP opaque
  • simple production of self-adhesive boards, where the substrate should not show through

Product features

  • 75 μm polypropylene carrier film
  • white and opaque
  • permanent, water-based acrylic adhesive
  • dimensionally stable, permanently elastic and resistant to ageing
  • Glassine paper siliconized on both sides
  • wound on itself


  • images appear particularly colourful and radiant
  • the excellent colour reproduction and outstanding contrasts of prints are maintained
  • already printed or laminated boards can be sustainably reused by laminating over them
  • Ph-neutral, water-based adhesive prevents catalytic processes and ensures long-term print quality and value
  • easy to process with laminators (e.g. Neschen PhotoLam 650) and small formats by hand

Product structure

  • Backing: double-sided, coated glassine liner
  • Adhesive: waterbased acrylic adhesive, permanent
  • Carrier: 75 µm PP
  • Adhesive: waterbased acrylic adhesive, permanent
gudy 808 pp opaque
gudy 808 pp opaque
gudy 808 pp opaque



50 m x 104 cm
50 m x 130 cm
50 m x 140 cm
50 m x 160 cm

77mm core
77mm core
77mm core
77mm core