The new gudy® 806 hybrid film is a true innovation in the field of mounting films. The new product is the solution for equipping challenging substrates with self-adhesive properties. The PVC film is equipped with a permanent, highly adhesive and a reversible adhesive side and combines the advantages of Neschen’s easy dot® technology with the high adhesive strength of  gudy® 803 power-tack. Thanks to the extremely high adhesive strength on the permanent adhesive side, even non-self-adhesive, textured and heavy substrates can be easily laminated and allow for a reliable bond between adhesive and substrate. This makes the new member of the Neschen gudy® portfolio a real all-rounder for a variety of applications – from exhibitions and shop fitting to the photo sector or industrial applications – this product is a reliable universal solution.    

Designed for

  • demanding applications of heavy and difficult materials  like textiles, synthetic leather, wallpaper, blockout flexface or banner materials on flat surfaces
  • mounting film for photos, PE paper, inkjet- and digital prints on a variety of surfaces, such as hardfoam (e.g. Kapa, Gatorfoam), smooth PVC surfaces, polystyrene®, Forex®, polycarbonate, laminated chipboard, aluminium, etc.
  • ideal for mounting on a wide range of graphics display boards and panels
  • exhibition booth construction, window decorations and universal short-term applications
  • for universal indoor use

Product features

  • double-sided self-adhesive, monomeric soft-Vinyl-film
  • transparent und cadmium-free
  • one-side coated with a permanent, strong-adhesive, the other side with a dot-shaped adhesive for bubble-free mounting
  • coated with a solvent-free, ageing-resistant and permanently elastic acrylate adhesive
  • easy to handle
  • strong adhesion
  • easy and bubble-free application thanks to dot-shaped adhesive

Product structure

  • Backing: double-sided, coated glassine liner
  • Adhesive: waterbased acrylic adhesive, non-permanent
  • Carrier: 23 µm PVC
  • Adhesive: waterbased acrylic adhesive, permanent
gudy 806 hybrid
gudy 806 hybrid
gudy 806 hybrid



50 m x130 cm K77