Bookcare & Repair

The name filmolux has been synonymous with high-quality bookbindings for over 50 years now. In continuing with this tradition, we provide our customers both here and abroad with our experience as a competent and reliable partner with regards to book protection and care. As a market leader, we offer a versatile and mature product programme, ranging from strengthening films, protection films, marking tapes or book pockets for public and private libraries to acid-free, age-resistant cold and hot adhesive tapes for archives. Books protected with Neschen products have a longer life span, do not snag on shelves and the adhesives used do not yellow, harden or bleed out of edges. The print colours of the protective covers are particularly brilliant due to the glossy surfaces and are easy to clean.

All our adhesives are acid-free and are produced using an aqueous dispersion without solvents. We strictly ensure that all raw materials are free of cadmium, mercury, lead or other harmful additives, and that they are characterised by excellent ageing resistance.

Our self-adhesives paper tapes used for professional repair and conservation of paper fibres are state of the art and meet even the high requirements of museums and archives for adhesive applications. They are regularly tested by acknowledged and independent national and international institutes.

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