Environmentally friendly book protection film made from the renewable, natural raw material sugar cane

Discover Neschen’s new organic book protection film made of bio-based polyethylene from sugarcane, a renewable raw material. Sugarcane is a versatile and renewable crop that can be used as a clean source of energy and as a raw material for the production of multiple products. Being a renewable feedstock, sugarcane captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere every growth cycle, which occurs annually. Green polyethylene contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional polyethylene, made from fossil materials. Additionally, it exhibits the same characteristics in application and performance as petrochemical polyethylene. Filmolux® libre organic consists of polyethylene made of more than 90 percent renewable content. Filmolux® libre organic conforms to REACH and is, therefore, APEO- and BPA-free. The adhesive and film are free of plasticizers.

filmolux libre organic
filmolux libre organic

The new organic book protection film is easy to apply due to reduced initial adhesion of the adhesive. Small filming errors can be corrected well on smooth surfaces. The printed grid on the silicone liner allows for easy cutting.

Filmolux® libre organic can be used on almost all book covers.  The rolls are suitable for working with the book lamination station BLS-Classic and BLS-Professional.

Designed for

  • filmolux® libre organic is ideal for applications on smooth
    surfaces, e.g. on paperbacks, comics, paper covers, brochures, folders etc.
  • protects from dirt, grime and dust as well as wear and tear

Product features

  • 90 μm glossy, bio-based PE film with UV protection
  • Reduced initial adhesion
  • Water-based acrylic dispersion adhesive: solvent-free, resistant to ageing, permanently elastic, pH-neutral
  • Silicone paper liner with grid for easy cutting
  • APEO- and BPA-free, produced according to REACH
  • Small application errors can be eliminated
  • Simple cleaning and disinfection are possible. 



25 m x 22 cm
25 m x 24 cm
25 m x 26 cm
25 m x 28 cm
25 m x 30 cm
25 m x 32 cm
25 m x 34 cm
25 m x 36 cm
25 m x 41 cm
25 m x 50 cm

40 mm core, film inside
40 mm core, film inside
40 mm core, film inside
40 mm core, film inside
40 mm core, film inside
40 mm core, film inside
40 mm core, film inside
40 mm core, film inside
40 mm core, film inside
40 mm core, film inside