I am David

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Author: Anne Holm

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For ages 12-17
Format Hardback | 160 pages
Publication date 02 Jul 1991
Publisher Pearson Education Limited

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When ‘the man’ helps David to escape from the prison camp where he has lived all his life David can’t quite believe it. Everything in the world outside is strange and wonderful – the brilliant, vivid colours of the sea and mountains, the taste of fruit, people laughing and smiling. But as he travels alone across Europe, Davis is tense and watchful, knowing that at any moment ‘they’ might catch up with him.

One of a series of top-quality fiction for schools, this is the story of a young boy’s journey through Europe after escaping from the camp where he has lived all his life. Faced with a host of new experiences, David gradually begins to understand the world around him.

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