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I'm a Little scientist

I’m A Little Scientist Book Set of 4

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Format: Paperback | 112 pages
Author: By Dongni Bao, Translated by: Boonhui Tan
Publication date: July 2021
Publisher: WS Education

Weight 762 g
Dimensions 297 × 297 × 1.6 mm

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Matilda Experiences Static Electricity

Matilda is in for an electrifying discovery! Who knew that something like static electricity that gives us such a shock could
also be so useful?

Emma Investigates Water

Emma plays detective and discovers the wonders of water in its three states: solid, liquid and gas. Learn how she puts clues together, and you will discover water in a new way too!

Timmy Understands Refraction

A family fishing trip turns out to be full of learning fun for Timmy. Watch how he discovers facts about refraction, and becomes an expert that advises others too!

I'm a Little scientist

Audrey Plays with Bubbles

Audrey loves bubbles but not all liquids can be used to make them. Thankfully, all the ingredients needed to make bubbles can be found right at home. Let’s discover bubbles together!