Facts Tell, Story Sells

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Author Apelles Poh
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Format Paperback | 308 pages
Publication date 2016
Publisher Eagle’s Wings Consultancy Pte Ltd

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Facts Tell, Stories Sell, Apelles Poh shares valuable insights and experiences to all financial planners and those in sales and marketing on how to connect and communicate with their customers and clients.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell – from being a financially illiterate guy to building a successful financial planning practice in Singapore; from product selling to holistic financial planning; and from starting with a humble beginning to being financially independent after ten years in the business.

He dispenses practical wisdom to connect, communicate, and care for clients, and shares on how to overcome the challenges facing practitioners in a sea of change. After more than two decades in this industry, he still effuses immense passion in his field of work and is a sought-after speaker both locally and in the region.

Book Contents
Chapter 1 : Taking The First Step
Chapter 2 : Turning Problems Into Possibilities (Part I)
Chapter 3 : Turning Problems Into Possibilities (Part II)
Chapter 4 : How To Build A Successful Financial Planning Practice ( Part I)
Chapter 5 : How To Build A Successful Financial Planning Practice ( Part II)
Chapter 6 : How To Get Referrals Using The SABRE Method
Chapter 7 : Communicating And Relationship-Building Skills (Part I)
Chapter 8 : Communicating And Relationship-Building Skills (Part II)
Chapter 9 : Communicating And Relationship-Building Skills (Part III)
Chapter 10 : Facts Tell, Stories Sell (Part I)
Chapter 11 : Facts Tell, Stories Sell (Part II)
Chapter 12 : Facts Tell, Stories Sell (Part III)
Chapter 13 : The Four Principles of Influence (Part I)
Chapter 14 : The Four Principles of Influence (Part II)

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