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The new ELI Readers present themselves as narrative texts of great literary prominence with a strong identity, whether they are classics, adapted or whole, or originals.
The different sections which complement the text (notes about the author, analysis, activities…) aim to enrich reading and facilitate understanding and language learning, without diminishing the pleasure of reading.

The new ELI Readers are divided into four series:
First ELI Readers, Young ELI Readers, Teen ELI Readers, Young Adult ELI Readers, according to the age of the readers and their language level, are in line with the indications set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Language and include useful language certification exercises.

The four series present different methodological traits according to their language level.

Young ELI Readers:

  • Five pages of exercises for revision at the end of each book.
  • An illustrated dictionary, on the inside of the cover, keeps the vocabulary the student
    needs within sight at all times.
  • Fun cut-out bookmarks personalize each book.

Teen ELI Readers
Young Adult ELI Readers:

  •  The Before You Read Activities section contains pre-reading activities.
  • The After-Reading Activities section, at the end of each chapter, eases memorization and
    comprehension and rounds off with one or more Pre-Reading activities to pre-teach the
    vocabulary and structures in the subsequent chapter.
  • Useful dossiers focusing on culture and the author are supplied in the classics series.
  • The Test yourself section offers activities which take into account the whole story

Language Skills
Reading, speaking, writing and listening skills are fully practised and developed through exercises specifically designed for each skill. The text, either whole or partial, is narrated by native speakers.

The Design
Some of today’s most interesting illustrators have been chosen to illustrate each of the titles in the series with a visual ‘commentary’ designed to aid comprehension and draw the student into the stories. The clear and captivating design of these elegant books not only simplifies the task of understanding the text but also makes them a pleasure to hold and read.

Multimedia files
The Young ELI Reader series is designed to help children enjoy reading fun and engaging stories in English, both adapted children’s fiction classics and specially-written books. The Multimedia files that accompany the Young ELI Readers add a new, digital dimension to reading in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB), to reading in the school multimedia centre or to reading at home on the PC.

ELI Readers, Extensive Reading Foundation Language Learner Literature Awards

New books in 2020

Young ELI Readers

Fairy Tales
The Young ELI Readers series expands to include a collection of Fairy Tales, the ones which accompanied generations of young readers… and still fascinate them today!
The well-known and successful formula of the Young ELI Readers, with games and activities accompanying the text, is also adopted by the Fairy Tales titles, with the plus of some specific features.


  • 2 introductory pages of pre-reading activities enable the young learners to familiarize with the characters and the vocabulary of the story.
  • Entertaining while-reading activities all along the story, in addition to the activity pages at the end of the book.
  • Single and double Picture Dictionary pages present vocabulary and help to memorize it.
  • A song is featured in every book: fun is guaranteed!
  • Two Make it Project pages allow the young learners to make small object with the aid of authentic photos and simple instructions: they can thus create…while reading in a foreign language!
  • Two or more pages are devoted to dramatization of the story. With the Let’s act! section every pupil will get involved and take active part in an exciting drama project!
  • Every reader is accompanied by Multimedia files, adding a new, digital dimension to reading in class with an IWB or at home on the PC. With the Multimedia files children will follow fun animations of the story, listen to the recordings with a “karaoke” function, do engaging, interactive and auto-correcting exercises, and much more!

Teen ELI Readers | Real Lives

The Young ELI Readers/Real Lives series expands to include a collection of Children True Stories. It means that children from different and not so well known Countries tell ELI students about their daily life and Countries.


  • 4 introductory pages of information and curiosities about the country the children are from, allow the young learners to get to know the main characteristics and interesting aspects of the country.
  • Stunning and authentic photos invite the reader into the children’s world, their family and their everyday life.
  • An authentic story lets the reader become familiar with other cultures and different ways of living, while having fun.
  • A cooperation between ELI and an NGO (non-governmental organization) for each Book: ELI donates parts of the proceeds for relevant development and aid projects.
  • Final pages of activities, including tasks dealing with 21st Century Skills, help pupils to revise and analyse the story with a critical thinking approach, to compare cultures dealing with a great amount of information, to solve problems creatively while working in teams or small groups.
  • A Multimedia files adds a digital dimension to reading in class, with an IWB, or at home on the PC. With the Multimedia files children follow fun animations of the story, listen to the recording with a ‘karaoke’ function, do engaging, interactive and auto-correcting exercises, and much more.

ELI Readers | Non-fiction

The ELI Readers catalogue offers a vast selection of non-fiction volumes, or to be more precise, the type of text that whilst not being fiction, nonetheless, are of literary value. These texts are suitable for presenting situations, daily-life facts, problems about life, biographies or descriptions of cities. ELI proposes: Great Friends, a volume that describes friendship in various contexts: between cartoon characters, actors, musicians or historians, between man and animals. Each double spread looks in detail at the value of a story and quotations emphasise the theme it deals with. Dear Diary offers snippets from a famous diary, that of Anne Frank, to those of less-known diaries such as Bob Dylan or Salvador Dalì. Loving London and Enjoy New York introduce the reader to these two cities in a fresh, lively way, offering original news and intriguing facts.