Heroes: Ski Jump

Heroes: Ski Jump
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Heroes: Ski Jump

Author: John Townsend

Published: February 2012

Format: Hardback 120 pages

Level: Age 11-14


When a ski trip and a terrorist plot collide, Bradley is soon up to his neck in far more than snow | Shouted at by his teachers and moaned at by his dad, Bradley's life is on the slide. He's given one last chance by his gymnastics teacher, the one adult who seems to believe in him. The school ski trip is Bradley's final opportunity to improve his attitude and prove he can behave. But the trouble is, Bradley has unwittingly stumbled upon a terrorist plot. He doesn't know it, but the terrorists are after him and, together with all his friends, Bradley is about to find out just how far some people are prepared to go in the name of revenge.


Heroes - KS3 books for boys

Epic stories of villains, crime, horror and adventure, these are the books boys and girls will not be able to put down...

Created with series editor Frank Cottrell Boyce, Heroes is a new series of short, accessible original fiction novels and plays that teenage boys and girls will love. The perfect whole-class readers for KS3! The series expertly weaves captivating fiction with state-of-the-art digital teaching resources to inspire even the most reluctant reader.

Focus on engagement

  • Exciting novels and plays in boys' favourite genres, by boys' favourite authors.
  • ActiveTeach technology bursting with fun activities, games, quizzes and videos!

Build confidence

  • Trialled and tested in schools around the country to ensure the language level is just right.
  • Short, accessible stories that can be read in class helping you to deliver the whole text in six weeks.

Improve reading skills

  • Lesson ideas based on competition and other strategies known to get reluctant boys involved and focused.
  • Assessment tasks provided to help you demonstrate that your boys' reading has improved.

What is ActiveTeach?

ActiveTeach is a powerful electronic learning resource that combines innovative teaching materials with the flexibility to introduce your own resources. Each novel and play in the series is supported by an ActiveTeach CD-ROM, which includes:

  • a copy of the book on-screen, perfect for whole-class reading.
  • a bank of activities, all based on strategies known to be most effective in motivating reluctant readers, including:
    • team-scoring comprehension quizzes to test understanding and motivate students to focus
    • short videos to set activities in context
    • illustrations of key scenes to help students visualise the action
    • drama and other kinesthetic activities to keep students involved
    • gruesome scenarios for writing activities that both boys and girls will love
    • assessment tasks to measure progress.

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