Planet Earth

Planet Earth
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Planet Earth

Author: John Gribbin

Published: 19 January 2012


Planet Earth: A Beginner's Guide is an expedition into the origins, evolution, and workings of our home planet in which John Gribbin does what he does best: takes 4.5 billion years of geological history and digs out the essential bits, from the physics of Newton and the geology of Wegener to the environmentalism of Lovelock. Along the journey, he uses stories from history and more current events to bring the science to a human level. Gribbin's introductory guidebook - very much a first step into geology and geography for the uninitiated - is filled with his lively voice and unique view, as he takes on the subject of the Earth from an astronomer's perspective.


John Gribbin is the bestselling author of In Search of Schroger's Cat, The Scientists, Deep Simplicity, and In Search of the Multiverse. He trained as an astrophysicist at the University of Cambridge and is currently Visiting Fellow in Astronomy at the University of Sussex, England.

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