China! China! China!

China! China! China!
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China! China! China! What's Behind the Success of the Communist Party of China

Edited by Xie Chuntao

Published: 2013


Solving the Puzzles About the CPC

  • Why was the CPC capable of establishing a new China?
  • How was the CPC able to clear up the mess left behind by the KMT?
  • How did the CPC keep the people's support despite its mistakes?
  • How did the CPC maintain power when the Eastern Bloc Communist Parties fell?
  • Why could the CPC solve the problem of feeding 1.3 billion people?
  • How could the CPC make China the world's second-largest economy?
  • How could the CPC integrate socialism with the market economy?
  • Why could a system of multi-party cooperation under the CPC's leadership be implemented?
  • Why could prosperity and stability be maintained in Hong Kong and Macao?
  • Why does the relationship across the Taiwan Straits keep making progress?
  • How could China win the support of so many developing countries?
  • How could the CPC conduct the earthquake relief work effectively and host the Beijing Olympic Games successfully?
  • How can the CPC properly manage a party with 80 million members?

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