The Challenges of Ageing

The Challenges of Ageing
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The Challenges of Ageing: Reaching self-awareness, acceptance and contentment

Author: Maria Carmen Navarro and Norma Miraflor

Published: August 2013


If you find, as you grow older, that the world is becoming more baffling - indeed, 
more disturbing - by the day, be assured you are not alone. Countless millions in 
your age bracket around our planet are experiencing similar feelings. In fact, 
they've been doing so for some years. 
After all, technical experts have, for over a decade now, been documenting the 
staggering impact population ageing is having on the very structure of human 
existence. It has been noted, for instance, that a large number of developed 
countries are l experiencing ageing population impacts never before encountered in 
human history. 
A United Nations study on the subject estimates that the number of older persons 
worldwide tripled in a 50-year period to the year 2000. It will have more than 
tripled again by the year 2050. The impact on everyday living for older generations 
is massive. Unsurprisingly, an immense volume of related statistical reports on the 
subject is widely available. Decidedly less available, however, is down-to-earth 
information focussed on achieving rewarding ageing lives within these ever-intensifying 
Far from being yet another statistical study, The Challenges of Ageing provides an 
absorbing account on coping with difficulties as the years roll on. It can be read, 
initially, for an overall appreciation of the ageing phenomenon. Thereafter it can be 
kept for valuable ready reference as life progresses.
  • How vastly different the world is these days!
  • Handling the increased pressures imposed on our daily lives as world impacts take effect.
  • What new life skills should we nurture.
  • Paths to self-awareness and congruence.
  • Strategies for both present and future.
  • Handling grief and bereavement under such demanding circumstance.
  • Plotting a tranquil retirement.
  • Surviving together.
  • Surviving solo.
  • And so much more.


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