HRRS Fiction Short Reads: The Lost Smile + MP3 Audio CD

HRRS Fiction Short Reads: The Lost Smile + MP3 Audio CD
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HRRS Fiction Short Reads: The Lost Smile + MP3 Audio CD

Author: Christian Holzmann

Paperback: 32 pages

Level: 3 - A2 Fantasy | Mystery

* Recording in British English


One night Sarah and Ben have the same dream: the Lord of Tears is going to take over the world and make everyone sad. But Sarah and Ben know how to stop him. Together they set off on a journey to find the Lord of Tears and bring happiness back to the world.


Helbling Readers Red Series Fiction - Short Reads Beautifully illustrated short books that even the most reluctant student will easily read in one sitting. A wide variety of Before and After Reading activities, with interesting and fun fact files exploring the issues raised, contemporary culture, internet projects and extra listening activities.

The manageable length (32 pages) means that even less able students get a real sense of progress and achievement.



Level 1 - A1

Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools                                                             Trinity: 1, 2

A, an; adjectives; adverbs of frequency; can; countable and uncountable nouns; demonstrative adjectives and pronouns; have got; How much/ many?; imperatives; like/love/hate/don't like doing; subject and object pronouns; plural nouns; possessive 's; possessive adjectives; present continuous; present simple; question words; short answers; some/any; the; there is/are

Level 2 - A1/A2

Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools                                                             Trinity: 2,3

a lot of, not much, not many; adverbs of manner; and, so, but, because; be going to; comparative; have to/must; mustn't; past continuous; past simple; past simple v. past continuous; possessive pronouns; superlative; to for purpose

Level 3 - A2

Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools                                                             Trinity: 3,4

cardinal/ ordinal numbers; ever/never; must/should need to/ have to; one/ones; prepositions of time, place and movement; present perfect; present perfect v. past simple; present continuous for future; question tags; reflexive pronouns; relative pronouns who, which, that; so do I/ neither do I; too plus adjective; indefinite pronouns; will; would like



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