HRRS Fiction Graphic: Zadie's Last Race + MP3 Audio CD

HRRS Fiction Graphic: Zadie's Last Race + MP3 Audio CD
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HRRS Fiction Graphic: Zadie's Last Race + MP3 Audio CD

Author: Martyn Hobbs

Paperback: 64 pages

Level: 3 - A2 Friendship | Sport

* Recording in British English


Zadie lives for sport. From football to running, it's the biggest thing in her life. Zadie is preparing for a big race - a race she really wants to win. But one evening while she is out training, she is involved in an accident - and she finds herself in a race of life and death. Will she win the biggest race of her life?


Helbling Readers Red Series Fiction - Graphic Stories A lively series of fully illustrated stories centred around a group of friends, allowing young readers to identify with both the characters and the stories.

Exciting double-page cartoon spreads feature real dialogue for a communicative approach. Stimulating Before and After Reading pages help and check understanding with Cambridge English: Key (KET) and Trinity Levels 1 to 4 style activities and an Exit Test.



Level 1 - A1

Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools                                                             Trinity: 1, 2

A, an; adjectives; adverbs of frequency; can; countable and uncountable nouns; demonstrative adjectives and pronouns; have got; How much/ many?; imperatives; like/love/hate/don't like doing; subject and object pronouns; plural nouns; possessive 's; possessive adjectives; present continuous; present simple; question words; short answers; some/any; the; there is/are

Level 2 - A1/A2

Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools                                                             Trinity: 2,3

a lot of, not much, not many; adverbs of manner; and, so, but, because; be going to; comparative; have to/must; mustn't; past continuous; past simple; past simple v. past continuous; possessive pronouns; superlative; to for purpose

Level 3 - A2

Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools                                                             Trinity: 3,4

cardinal/ ordinal numbers; ever/never; must/should need to/ have to; one/ones; prepositions of time, place and movement; present perfect; present perfect v. past simple; present continuous for future; question tags; reflexive pronouns; relative pronouns who, which, that; so do I/ neither do I; too plus adjective; indefinite pronouns; will; would like



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