TER: In Search of a Missing Friend + CD

TER: In Search of a Missing Friend + CD
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TER: In Search of a Missing Friend + CD

Author: Maureen Simpson

Level: Stage 1 Elementary (600 headwords) A1 Movers

Teen ELI Readers

  • The Before You Read Activities section contains pre-reading activities.
  • The text is divided into chapters and is equipped with a glossary at the bottom of each page.
  • The After-Reading Activities section, at the end of each chapter, eases memorization and comprehension and rounds off with one or more Pre-Reading activities to pre-teach the vocabulary and structures in the subsequent chapter.
  • Useful dossiers focusing on culture and the author are supplied in the classics series.
  • The Test yourself section offers activities which take
    into account the whole story.
  • Syllabus.
  • An 8-page booklet.

‘This isn’t going to stop us!
We’re definitely going to find Wills!’

- Friendship
- Adventure

In this Reader you will find:
- Focus on…
- Comprehension activities
- Glossary of difficult words
- Test yourself

What have the Black Hand Gang done? Have they kidnapped Wills, a brilliant young inventor? Where is he? Where have they taken him?

No one knows where Wills has gone – and his best friends, the twins Harry and Camilla – are very worried. Last time they saw him, Wills was with the Black Hand Gang – and he looked extremely unhappy! Luckily, Wills has left the twins lots of clues to follow – maybe they’ll find him soon. You can solve the mystery, you can find Wills. You’ll discover his fantastic inventions too!

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