Dr Chua Ee Kiam

A dentist by profession, Chua Ee Kiam's love affair with photography began with a camera he bought after his undergraduate studies. He soon discovered his special aptitude for nature photography and started contributing articles and pictures to Nature Watch and participating in exhibitions on Wildlife Photography.

Dr Chua's skill and dedication as a nature photographer won him a Singapore National Book Award in 1994 for his first book, Nature in Singapore - Ours to Protect. He has also used photography in his profession. Dr Chua was the main photographer for the book, Dentistry in Singapore, 1819-1996, published by the Ministry of Health. He has also completed a book project on Sabah which is awaiting publication.

Dr Chua spends a lot of his free time in the tropical rainforest where he finds solace and inspiration. Passionate about nature conservation, he enjoys sharing with people the beauty and benefits of nature.

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